Ръкописи и старопечатни книги от библиотеката на архимандрит Рафаил (Вълчанов) в храма „Св. Възнесение Господне“, с. Варовник


The article provides a partial description of the private library of Archimandrite Rafail (1881–1964), kept in the church of the village of Varovnik, Sredets municipality. Between 1922–1927 and 1941–1949 Rafail was abbot of the Monastery of the Life-Giving Spring near the village of Golyamo Bukovo, which, at that time, was the only functioning Orthodox monastic institution in the northern part of Strandzha Mountain in South-Еastern Bulgaria, near the Turkish border. Special attention is given to a manuscript written in a mixture of Church Slavonic and Modern Bulgarian at the Golyamo Bukovo Monastery by the monk Haralampi in 1896.

Ангел Николов, (София, България), Горан Стефанов (Малко Търново, България)