Надписът от манастира „Св. Йоан Богослов“ (Касинец) край Враца


The occasion for this research note is the final identification of an extensive mural inscription situated on the rocks the large cave in the monastery Kasinets near the Bulgarian town of Vratsa (Nord-West of Bulgaria). In previous publications the particular text was deciphered incompletely and remained unclear. In the beginning of 2016 I was able to identify precisely this text in six Slavic manuscripts from the 15th century. This allowed me to propose a new, more accurate reading of the inscription. It is an extract from a poem by Constantinople Patriarch German of Constantinople (probably German II, 1223–1240) that belongs to the monastic tradition of the popular poetic genre thrhnos. The inscription of the monastery “St. John the Evangelist” Kasinets is unconventional and in this stage remains without parallels in Bulgarian Cyrillic epigraphy for the time being.

Светозар Ангелов (София, България)

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