Съществителни имена със суфикс -ьникъ (-еникъ) в повестта „Варлаам и Йоасаф“ по среднобългарския препис НМРМ 3/14 от втората половина на XIV в.


This article is part of a broader research project on the classification of models of noun word-formation. The article focuses on the analysis of the word-formation model with the suffix -ьnikъ (-еnikъ). This is the most productive formant for the formation of masculine nouns, more specifically of personal names in a Middle Bulgarian manuscript copy of the Legend of Barlaam and Josaphat from the 14th century (NMRM 3/14). The result of the analysis demonstrates that this copy of the Legend displays formally different word-formation units that link it, on one hand, to the tradition of the Old Bulgarian manuscripts as well as to the Old Bulgarian translated and original works, while on the other hand it significantly enlarges our understanding of the derivational possibilities of the suffix -ьnikъ (-еnikъ) in the Middle Bulgarian literature of the 14th century.

Моня Камуля (София, България)