Рецепция антиарианской тематики Афанасия Александрийского в славянской средневековой традиции (Часть 2: Слова против ариан)


This article represents the second part of a study that explores the way Athanasius of Alexandria’s anti-Arian motifs were appropriated in the Old Slavonic tradition. While the first part focused on Athanasius’ Life of Antony, the present discussion considers the reception of his main anti-Arian work Orations against the Arians, and most of the attention is given to such issues as why it was translated and how it was used in the polemical context of the so-called heresy of the Judaizers in medieval Russia. For this purpose, two particular writers are considered (Iosif Volotskij and metropolitan Daniil), and the question of which of the existing manuscripts they used is also discussed. The article interacts with the views of Prof. Pirinka Penkova in her recently published critical editions of the second and third Orations, and also explores the reception of Athanasius’ anti-Arian motifs in the True Books Indices.

Вячеслав В. Литвиненко (Прага, Чехия)