Issue XI (1987), 1

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 

Georgi Bakalov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Academician Dimitar Angelov at 70, p. 3–8. PDF

  • Dimitâr Angelov (Sofia, Bulgariа). The works of disciples of Cyrill et Methodius, p. 9–14. PDF
  • Mosko Moskov (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Proto-Bulgarian Runic sign IYI for the theonym Tangra, p. 15–22. PDF
  • Francis J. Thomson (Antwerp, Belgium). The Problem of the Reception of the Works of John IV leiunator of Constantinople among the Slavs: Nicon of the Black Mount and Cirycus of Novgorod, p. 23–45. PDF
  • Igor Kaliganov (Moscow, the USSR). Musical hymnographic monuments to Georgy Novy and John Novy, p. 46–61. PDF
  • Petar Ilchev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Beginnings of morphematic segmentation in Old Bulgarian, p. 62–66. PDF
  • Kristian Hannik (Trier, Germany). The Dialectic of John of Damascus in the Slavonic and Georgian translation: the experience of comparing translation methods, p. 67–71. PDF
  • Svetlina Nikolova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Problem of edition of the works of Cyrill and Methodius, p. 72–78. PDF
  • Aleksandar Nichev (Sofia, Bulgaria). To the question of the Kostur Bulgarian-Greek vocabulary from the 16th century, p. 79–82. PDF
  • David Huntley (Toronto, Canada). Linguistic History and the Old Bulgarian Definite Active Participles, p. 83–85. PDF
  • Tsvetana Yanakieva (Shumen, Bulgaria), Yulianna Pandur (Debrecen, Hungary). Paleographic and graphic-linguistic description of the Ms106 / 16 manuscript from the Library of the Debrecen University "Lajos Kossuth", p. 86–94. PDF
  • Irina Ogren (Uppsala, Sweden). Particles by conditional conjunction ashe in the Old Bulgarian translation of the sermons of Ephrem the Syrian, p. 95–103. PDF
  • Maya Yonova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Dissemination and development of Story of Akir the Wise in Medieval Literatures of Southern and Eastern Slavs, p. 104–109. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Georgi Rikov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Academician Vladimir I. Georgiev, p. 110–112. PDF
  • Angel Davidov (V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria). Fundamental study of the Old Bulgarian vocabulary, p. 113–118. PDF
  • Tsvetana Cholova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Contribution to the Study of Medieval Culture in Bulgaria (13 – 14 c.), p. 119–123. PDF
    V a s i l  G y u z e l e v. Uchilishta, skriptorii, biblioteki i znaniya v Balgaria XIIIXIV v. S., Narodna prosveta, 1985. 266 с.
  • Magrarita Mladenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The connection of Poland with the Cyrillo-Methodian tradition, p. 124–126. PDF