New issue

  • Anna-Maria Totomanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The “Serbian” Features in the Codex Marianus, p. 3–14. PDF
  • Maria O. Novak (Moscow, Russia). Troparia in Old Russian Parimeyniks from the 12–14th c. (Based on „Manuscript“ Online Collection), p. 15–34. PDF
  • Georgi Petkov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria). An Unknown Copy of the Short Vita of St. Erasmus of Ohrid (Formia), p. 35–54. PDF
  • Maya Yonova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Story about Aesop in Manuscript 1161 from the Collection of Church-Historical and Archival Institute (A Study and Edition), p. 55–84. PDF
  • Evgeniy Dzhydzhora (Odessa, Ukraine). The Concept of Recreation of the Apostle-Evangelist in Certain Works of Medieval Slavic Hymnography and Hagiography, p. 85–112. PDF
  • Dessislava Uzunova (Sofia, Bulgaria). An Unknown Translation by Samuil Bakachich, p. 113–123. PDF

Survey and book reviews

  • Lara Sels (Leuven, Belgium) Francis J. Thomson (24.11.1935–21.05.2021). His Life, Work, and Legacy, p. 125–136. PDF
  • Encho Tilev (Plovdiv, Bulgaria). An Important Contribution to the Study of Istoria Slavyanobalgarska and Its Revisions, p. 137–140. PDF
    A t a n a s k a T o s h e v a. Rilskata prepravka (1825 g.) i prepisite ot Rilskata redaktsia na „Istoria slavyanobalgarska“ (tekstologia i ezik). Plovdiv: Universitetsko izdatelstvo „Paisiy Hilendarski“, 2020. 622 s. ISBN 978-619-202-546-5.
  • Iskra Hristova-Shomova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Comprehensive Study of the Croatian Glagolitic Tradition of the Books of the Maccabees, p. 141–146. PDF
    V e s n a B a d u r i n a S t i p č e v i ć. Hrvatskoglagoljske Makabejske knjige. Zagreb: Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada – Staroslavenski institut, 2020, 276 p. ISBN 978-953-169-424-7 (Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada); ISBN 978-953-6080-41-0 (Staroslavenski institut).
  • Annual Contents of the Journal Palaeobulgarica, 2021, p. 147–152. PDF
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