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Heinz Miklas. In memoriam , p. 3–9. PDF

  • Maria Yovcheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Unexplored Aspects of the Veneration of the Holy Martyrs Innas, Pinnas and Rimmas in the Byzantine and Slavonic Hagiographic and Hymnographic Sources, p. 11–38. PDF
  • Eugeni Zashev (Sofia, Bulgaria). To the Question of the Authorship of the Berat (Venetian) Acolouthia of Seven Saints, p. 39–74. PDF
  • Yanko Hristov (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria). The “Invention” of the Holy Martyr Enravota, p. 75–90. PDF
  • Albena Stamenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The First Slavic Name of a Bulgarian Ruler – More Questions than Answers, p. 91–118. PDF
  • Klimentina Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Materials to the Catalogue Description of Manuscripts Excerpted for Bibliotheca Homiletica Balcano-Slavica (BHomBS). Clarifications to the Composition of Two Triodion Panegyrics (BAR152 and NBKM1049), p. 119–156. PDF
  • Tervel Popov (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Capital Veliki Preslav through Sources and Legends during the Period of Ottoman Rule (until the Beginning of the 19th c.), p. 157–180. PDF

Survey and book reviews

  • Yavor Miltenov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Three Homilies by John of Damascus in South Slavonic Manuscript Tradition, p. 181–184. PDF
    T s v e t o m i r a  D a n o v a. John of Damascus’ Marian Homilies in Mediaeval South Slavic Literatures. Under the scholarly editorship of Lora Taseva (= Studies on Language and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe. Edited by Christian Voß. Volume 36). Berlin: Peter Lang, 2020, 538 p. ISBN (Softcover) 9783631833902.
  • Iva Trifonova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Collection of Articles in Honour of Prof. DSc. Tatyana Slavova, p. 185–195. PDF
    Rьtsi slovo tvrьdo. Sbornik v chest na d.f.n. Tatyana Slavova. Sastaviteli: A.-M. Totomanova, M. Totomanova-Paneva, Ya. Miltenov. Redaktsionna kolegia: A. Boyadzhiev, F. Badalanova Geler, M. Skarpa, V. Velinova, G. Minchev, Kr. Stanchev. Sofia: Universitetsko izdatelstvo „Sv. Kliment Ohridski“, 2022, 503 s. ISBN 978-954-07-5625-7.
  • Stilyana Batalova, Andrey Bobev (Sofia, Bulgaria). International Conference “The Cyrillo-Metodian Legacy in Scholarship and Cultural Memory”, p. 197–215. PDF
  • Annual Contents of the Journal Palaeobulgarica 2023, p. 216–220. PDF
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