New issue

  • Evgeni Zašev (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Earliest Verbal Image of the Seven Saints: Mechanisms of Invention, p. 3–31. PDF
  • Rostislav Stankov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Problems of Lexical Semantics (On Material from the Works of Patriarch Euthymius), p. 33–50. PDF
  • Lora Taseva (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Paradigm of Translational Correlates to the Two-Root Words with ‘one’, p. 51–78. PDF
  • Oleg F. Zholobov (Kazan, Russia). Lexical Row of bran’ – voina – rat’ in Old Church Slavonic and East Slavonic Sources from 11th–15th Centuries: Interpretation of Quantitative Formulas (Based on the Material of the Historical Corpus “Manuscript”), p. 79–99. PDF
  • Victor A. Baranov (Izhevsk, Russia). Quantitative and Statistical Characteristics of the Lexical Environment of the Nouns bran’ ‘battle’ and rat’ ‘war, army’ in Old Church Slavonic and East Slavonic Sources from 11th–15th Centuries: Experience in Еxtracting and Analyzing Small Corpus Data, p. 101–141. PDF
  • Georgi Minczew (Lodz, Poland). An Unknown Slavic Pseudo-Canonical Text – Elevation of the Panagia in the Collection of Visarion/Varlaam of Slepče of 1547, p. 143–160. PDF

Survey and book reviews

  • Tsenka Doseva (Sofia, Bulgaria). To Pass over Old Bulgarian Paths: In memory of Zhivka Ikonomova (21.09.1938–25.08.2022), p. 161–166. PDF
  • Krasimir S. Krastev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Samuel’s Bulgaria in the Scholarly Studies of Prof. Dr. Georgi N. Nikolov (On the Occasion of His 65th Anniversary), p. 167–178. PDF
  • Totka Grigorova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Secular Images of Slavic Enlighteners, p. 179–184. PDF
    V e s e l k a  Z h e l y a z k o v a, D e s i s l a v a  N a y d e n o v a. Ciril and Methodius. Images. Memory. Identity. Sofia, 2021. 239 p. ISBN 978-954-9787-50-4.
  • Lyuba Ilieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Cyril and Methodius Route in Common European Perspective, p. 185–191. PDF
  • Annual Contents of the Journal Palaeobulgarica 2022, p. 193–198. PDF
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