New issue

  • Evgeni Zašev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Once Again on the Berat Reliquary, p. 3–32. PDF
  • Tervel Popov (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Bulgarian Border Fortress Ras (9th – 11th c.), p. 33–44. PDF
  • Natalia P. Pokhilko (Yasnaia Poliana, Russia). The Confession of the Orthodox Faith by Michael Synkellos of Jerusalem in Slavic Compilations, p. 45–78. PDF
  • Maya Yonova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Topic of Women’s Evil in the Story about Aesop, p. 79–92. PDF
  • Ivan I. Iliev (Sofia, Bulgaria). On Lexical Choices in the Slavonic Tradition of Hippolytus’ De Christo et Antichristo, p. 93–110. PDF
  • Thomas Thomov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Notes on Graffiti-Inscriptions and Drawings in Hagia Sophia/Ayasofya: A Bibliographical Survey, p. 111–122. PDF

Survey and book reviews

  • Nely Gancheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Collection of Articles in Honour of St. Clement of Ohrid, p. 123–134. PDF
    Saint Clement of Ohrid – First Bishop of the Bulgarian Language. A Collection of Papers. Editor M a r i a Y o v c h e v a. Sofia: Universitetsko izdatelstvo „Sv. Kliment Ohridski“, 2020. 342 s. ISBN 978-954-07-5097-2.
  • Krassimir Stantchev (Rome, Italy). A Postmodern View on Socialist Modernity (Thoughts about a Newly Published Book), p. 135–140. PDF
    E v e l i n a D z h e v i e t s k a. Yubileyno i moderno. Kirilo-Metodievskiyat razkaz prez sotsializma v Bulgaria (= Kirilo-Metodievski studii, kn. 29). Sofia: Kirilo-Metodievski nauchen tsentar, 2020. 232 s. ISBN 978-954-9787-42-9.
  • Georgi N. Nikolov (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Corpus of Sources for the Turkish Conquest of Constantinople in 1453 and the Bulgarian Trace in Them, p. 141–146. PDF
    V leto ot Hrista 1453. Studia, sastavitelstvo i komentar V a s i l G y u z e l e v. Sofia: Izdatelstvo „Zahariy Stoyanov“, 2020. 399 s. ISBN 978-954-09-1405-3.
  • Iva Trifonova (Sofia, Bulgaria), Tatyana Pentkovska (Moskva, Rusia). A New Cultural-Historical Contribution to the Balkan and Russian Literary History in the 14th – 16th c., p. 147–156. PDF
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