Issue XII (1988), 3

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 
  • Dimitar Angelov (Sofia, Bulgariа). Bulgarian Culture during the Middle Ages, p. 3–14. PDF
  • Emil Aleksandrov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Documents from the Diplomatic Practice during the First Bulgarian State, p. 15–25. PDF
  • Irina Platonova (Moscow, the USSR). Verb-related Preposition-free Dative Case in the Function of in Object and Its Synonymic Constructions in the Development of the Bulgarian Language, p. 26–37. PDF
  • Svetlina Nikolova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Kiril Turovski in the South-Slavonic Manuscript Tradition, p. 38–51. PDF
  • Heinz Miklas (Freiburg i. Br., Germany). On the Structure of the Cyrillic Old Church Slavonic (Old Bulgarian) System of Characters, p. 52–65. PDF
  • Anna Novikova (Moscow, the USSR). Some Observations on the Vocabulary of the Voskresenski Library Gospel, p. 66–86. PDF
  • Mariana Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Different Styles in the Ornaments and Problem of the Dating of the Middle Bulgarian Manuscripts, p. 87–102. PDF
  • Kuyo Kuyev (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Montenegro Copy of Chernorizets Hrabar's Story about the Alphabet, p. 103–112. PDF
  • Vesselin Panayotov (Shumen, Bulgaria). “An Oration for Benefitting the Soul”: a Newlydiscovered Bogomilic Monument, p. 113–119. PDF
  • Stamen Mihaylov (Sofia, Bulgaria). On Interpreting an Inscription from Preslav, p. 120–123. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Anisava Miltenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Yordan Zaimov (In Memoriam), p. 124–125. PDF
  • Boryana Velcheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Newly-discovered MSS in the St. Catherine Monastery in Mount Sinai, p. 126–129. PDF
    I o a n n i s  T a r n a n i d i s. The Slavonic Manuscripts, discovered in 1975 at St. Catherine monastery on Mount Sinai. Thessaloniki, 1988. 361 pp.
  • Donka Vakarelska (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Edition of a Valuable Written Monument from 16th c., p. 130–132. PDF
    A l e k s a n d a r  N i c h e v. Kosturskiyat balgaro-gratski rechnik ot XVI vek. Univ. izdatelstvo „Kliment Ohridski“. C., 1987. 82 s.
  • Georgi Nikolov (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Byzantine State Political and Cultural Model and Its Reception in Mediaeval Bulgaria, p.133–135. PDF