Новонайденная катена к Псалтыри в двух рукописях Хиландарского монастыря


This article presents a new catena to the Psalter, unknown till now. It is divided in two parts, placed in two manuscripts: in Manuscript № 116 (the psalms from the beginning up to Psalm 76), and in Manuscript № 117 (from Psalm 77 till the end). The catena contains commentaries of more than 15 Byzantine authors. The Psalter text to the catena is compared with texts of various other recensions. It becomes clear that the text of the Hilandar manuscripts is very close to the texts of the Mount Athos recension and of Cyprian’s recension although it has its own characteristics. The newly discovered catena is the most extensive catena translated into Slavonic. The discovery of the text will serve as a basis for new research into the history of the Slavonic Psalter and the Slavonic translations of the Bible.

Ивона Карачорова (София, България)