Issue XIV (1990), 4

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 

Ivan Bujukliev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Prof. Svetomir Ivanchev at 70, p. 3–7. PDF

  • Angel Davidov (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria). At lexical characteristic of Tarnovo Literary School, p. 8–18. PDF
  • Angelina Mincheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Fasting Sermons of Isaac the Syrian in Kiev’s Fragment from 13–14 Century, p. 19–38. PDF
  • Vasilka Tapkova-Zaimova, Anisava Miltenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Vision of Prophet Daniel in Byzantium and in Medieval Bulgaria, p. 39–46. PDF
  • Ivona Karachorova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Features in the text of Radomir’s Psalter, p. 47–60. PDF
  • Michael Н. P. S. Bakker (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Discovered on Mount Athos: the Karakalski Apostol, p. 61–67. PDF
  • Vasilij Putsko (Kaluga, USSR). Portrait Images of Authors and Donators in the Old Bulgarian Book, p. 68–83. PDF
  • Stojan Maslev (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Brashov Charter of King Ivan Sratsimir. Contribution on Its Study, p. 84–99. PDF
  • Hristo Trendafilov (Shumen, Bulgaria). Observations on the Slavonic Translation of the Chronicle of George Synkellos, p. 100–110. PDF
  • Svetlana Mengel (Berlin, Germany). On the Problem of Single Root Word-Building Synonyms, p. 111–114. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Mariana Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Conference on the Problems of Editing of the Slavonic Literary Works, p. 115–118. PDF
  • Elena Tomova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Cyrillo-Methodian Readings at Sofia University, p. 119–121. PDF
  • Adelina Angusheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). First Reading of the Society for the Study of Slavonic Antiquity, p. 122–124. PDF
  • Ljubov Shishkova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Second Edition of Miroslav’s Gospel, p. 125–128. PDF
    N. R o d i ħ, G. J o v a n o v i h. Miroslavљevo jevanђeљe. Kritichko izdaњe. Beograd, 1986. 344 s. + 6 il.
  • Reneta Aleksandrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). New Study on Slavonic-Byzantine Literary Connections during 14th Century, p. 129–132. PDF
    I o a n n i s  K a k r i d i s. Codex 88 des Klosters Dečani und seine griechischen Vorlagen. Ein. Kapitel der serbisch – byzantinischen Literaturbeziehungen im 14. Jahrhundert. München, 1988. 362 S.