Issue XXXI (2007), 1

  • Heinz Miklas (Vienna, Austria). Following the Trace of Constantines Glagolica, p. 3–26. PDF
  • Terje Helland (Tromsø, Norway). Some Remarks Regarding the Place and Date of the Translation of the Slavonic Reading Menologia and Their Transmission to Russia, p. 27–39. PDF
  • Valentin Geshev (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Early Modern Bulgarian Case System, p. 40–64. PDF
  • Albena Stamenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). An Attempt to Trace a Hypothetical Derivational Pattern, p. 65–76. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Maria Yovcheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Research book Worthy of Its Original, p. 77–86. PDF
  • Lora Taseva (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Dialogues of Pseudo-Caesar as Seen by the Slavonic Philologist, p. 87–92. PDF
  • Desislava Naydenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Book on the History of Early Mediaeval Bulgaria, p. 93–100. PDF