Issue XXXII (2008), 2

  • Georgi Popov (Sofia, Bulgaria). On the Hymnographic Work of Clement of Ochrid (The Penticostarion Cycle of the Slavic Triodia in the Studite Tradition), p. 3–58. PDF
  • Tatyana Mostrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah in Bulgarian, Serbian and Russian Copies from the 14th to the l6th Centuries, p. 59–82. PDF
  • Maya Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). St Kliment's Common Sermons - Structure and Function, p. 83–94. PDF
  • Olga Parlicheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Cyrillo-Methodian Traditions in Bulgaria – In Historical Retrospect and with Regard to the Future, p. 95–102. PDF
  • Desislava M. Atanasova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Spreading of Literary Works about the Archangel Michael in Old Bulgarian Literacy, p. 103–115. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Rostislav Stankov (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Way of the Scholar (Rumyana Pavlova at 75), p. 116–121. PDF
  • Ekaterina Dogramadzhieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Textbook of High Scholarly Merit, p. 122–125. PDF
  • Iskra Hristova-Shomova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Round Table on the Subject “Western Bulgaria and Eastern Slavs”, p. 126–132. PDF