Issue XLVI (2022), 1

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 
  • Dobriela Kotova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Sermon 19 in Constantine of Preslav’s Uchitel’noe Evangelie (Didactic Gospel) and Its Greek Sources, с. 3–28. PDF
  • Christoph Koch (Berlin, Deutschland). Once Again on the Old Church Slavonic с. 29–50. PDF
  • Lora Taseva (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Chronotope of the Old Church Slavonic Composita with ин- ‘one’, с. 51–80. PDF
  • Iosif Camară (Iași, Romania). New Information on the Slavonic Sources of the Oldest Romanian Psalters, с. 81–94. PDF
  • Stilyana Batalova (Sofia, Bulgaria). In the Footsteps of the Bollandists or on the First Contributions to the Academic Study of the Sources for the Life and Activity of Sts Cyril and Methodius, с. 95–162. PDF
  • Ralitsa Rousseva (Sofia, Bulgaria). About the Icon of St George Diasorites with Gilded Revetment from the Museum of Christian Art in Sofia (Preliminary Observations), с. 163–180. PDF
  • Marco Scarpa, Marta Riparante, Desislava Paneva-Marinova, Maksim Goynov, Detelin Luchev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Online Database for South Slavonic Manuscripts from the 14th c., с. 181–202. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Ivan P. Petrov (Giessen, Germany). A New Approach to the Study of the Byzantine Physiologus, с. 203–207. PDF
    The Multilingual Physiologus. Studies in the Oldest Greek Recension and its Translations. Edd. C. Macé, J. Gippert (= Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia, 84). Turnhout: Brepols, 2021. 661 p., 28 colour ill. ISBN 978-2-503-58974-9.