Issue XLIV (2020), 1

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 
  • Stefan Alexandru (Marburg, Germany). The Greek Palimpsest Codex Athous Zographou Il’inskiy 40, p. 3–27. PDF
  • Alessandro Maria Bruni (Venice, Italy). The Oldest Slavonic Tradition of Gregory the Theologian’s Oration XVI: the Old Church Slavonic Versions and Problems of Their Analysis, p. 28–52. PDF
  • Maria Spasova (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria). – Lexical Markers of the Idiolect of an Old Bulgarian Translator from the End of the 9th – Beginning of the 10th C., p. 53–70. PDF
  • Valeriya S. Efimova (Moscow, Russia). On the Models of Old Church Slavonic Compounds, p. 71–86. PDF
  • Svetlana Kujumdzieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Vienna Manuscript Cod. Slav. 37 and the Common Services in It Revisited (First Part), p. 87–117. PDF
  • Klimentina Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). On MS. Sl.1 of the Library of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem – a Representative of the New Redaction Pentecostaria (To the Question of the Diffusion of Bulgarian Athonite Translations in the 14th Century), p. 118–136. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Maya Petrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). An In-Debt Study of the Dragon-Slaying Motif in Byzantine and South Slavic Hagiographic Tradition, p. 137–142. PDF
    Ana Stoykova. Svettsi-zmeebortsi: Teodor Tiron, Teodor Stratilat, Georgi Pobedonosets v yuzhnoslavyanskata srednovekovna traditsia / Ana Stoykova. Dragon-Slayer Saints: Theodore Tiron, Theodore Stratelates and George the Victory-Bearer. South Slavic Medieval Tradition. Sofia, 2019. 319 с. ISBN 978-619-01-0465-0.
  • Maya Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). International Scholarly Conference “Boundaries and Frontiers in South Slavic Cultures: the City and the Biblical Tradition”, p. 143–148. PDF