Issue XXXIX (2015), 2

  • Cvetomira Danova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The South Slavonic Translations of the Orations on the Theotokos by John Damascene in Copies from Romanian Manuscript Collections (Textological Observations), p. 3–20. PDF
  • Thomas Daiber (Giessen, Germany). Roman or Byzantine Liturgy? Theological terminology in the Vita Methodii, p. 21–47. PDF
  • Christo Andreev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Inscriptions of Liturgical Origin in the Sanctuary of the St. Peter Church in Berende Village, p. 48–93. PDF
  • Thomas Thomov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Three Inscriptions-Graffiti from the Church of St. Sophia at Constantinople, p. 94–109. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Anna-Maria Totomanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Bisserka Penkova Turns 60, p. 110–113. PDF
  • Stilyana Batalova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Interpretation of the Moravian Church Problem, p. 114–119. PDF
    Review for: Maddalena Betti. The Making of Christian Moravia (858–882). Papal Power and Political Reality. Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2014. XIII+251 p.
  • Aneta Dimitrova  (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Collection of Articles on the Language and the Textual History of the Slavonic Apostle, p. 120–124. PDF
    Review for: Slavyanskij Apostol. Istoriya texta i yazik. Münchenؘ–Berlin–Washington, OttoSagner, 2013. 273 p.