Issue XXXVIII (2014), 4

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 
  • Nely Gancheva, Galina Filipova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Slavic Mediaeval Written Heritage and Information Technologies, p. 3–20. PDF
  • Timofey Arkhangelsky, Ekaterina Mishina, Anna Pichkhadze (Moscow, Russia). A System for Digital Morphological Tagging for Old Russian and Church Slavonic Texts, p. 21–37. PDF
  • Emanuel Wenger (Vienna, Austria), Elena Ukhanova (Moscow, Russia). An Internet Portal for Watermarks, p. 38–44. PDF
  • Natalya Nechunajeva (Tallinn, Estonia), Aleksey Nechunajev (Berlin, Germany). Slavic Menaion Manuscripts from the 11th–14th c. and Principles of Their Classification,  p. 45–56. PDF
  • Mariya Malygina (Moscow, Russia). On the Rhythmic Organization of Slavic Hymnographic Texts p. 57–67. PDF
  • Magdalena Abadzhieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Is the Language of the Paulician Literature from the Second Half of the 18th c. a Literary Languageon a Vernacular Base?,p. 68–78. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Maya Ivanova, Ewelina Drzewiecka (Sofia, Bulgaria). Centennial Conference “One Hundred Years of Cyrillo-Methodian Studies in Bulgaria”, p. 79–93. PDF
  • ZlatkaTimenova, Georgi Hristovski (Lisbon, Portugal). From Mission to Messianism?, p. 94–102. PDF
  • Margarita Mladenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Fascinating Study of Cyrillo-Methodian Problems against the Background of the Relations between Constantinople and Rome, p. 103–110. PDF
  • Ivan Iliev (Kardzhali, Bulgaria). A Contribution to the Study of the Middle Bulgarian Translation of the Homilies of Abba Dorotheus of Gaza, p. 111–116. PDF