Issue XLII (2018), 2

  • Veselka Zhelyazkova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Readings from the Book of Exodus in the Triodia, p. 3–37. PDF
  • Maria Spasova (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria), Tsvetomira Danova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Linguistic Peculiarities of the Translation of Hesychian Interpretations in the John Alexander Copy of the Pesnivets: on the Question of Time and Place of the Origin of the Tran-slation (Part One), p. 38–60. PDF
  • Ivona Karachorova (Sofia, Bulgaria). St. Basil’s Prayers in the Euchologium Sinaiticum and in Slavic Hand-written Prayer Books of the 18th–19th Centuries, p. 61–81. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Andrey Bobev (Sofia, Bulgaria). In Memoriam Elena Koceva (1936–2018), p. 82–87. PDF
  • Slavia Barlieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Contribution to the Inclusion of the Greek Manuscripts Kept in Bulgaria in the European Research Area, p. 88–95. PDF
    Dorotei Getov. A Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts at the Ecclesiastical Historical and Archival Institute of the Patriarchate of Bulgaria. Vol. 1: Bačkovo Monastery. Thurnhout, Brepols Publishers, 2014. XXII+370, 173 + 8 ill.; Vol. 2. Thurnhout, Brepols Publishers, 2017. XX+347, 174 + 7 ill.
  • Tatyana Slavova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Publication Investigating the Commentary on the Book of Daniel by Hippolytus of Rome in Old Church Slavonic Translation, p. 96–101. PDF
    Ivan Iliev. Talkuvaneto na Kniga na prorok Daniil ot Ipolit Rimski v starobalgarski prevod. Sofia, 2016. 627 s.
  • Inna Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Rewriting Holiness: Reconfiguring Vitae, Re-signifying Cults, p. 102–109. PDF
    Rewriting Holiness: Reconfiguring Vitae, Re-signifying Cults. Ed. Madelеine Gray. London, King’s College London, Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies, 2017. 322 pp.
  • Valeriya S. Efimova (Moscow, Russia). The Second Palaeoslavistic Lectures at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, p. 110–116. PDF