Issue XIV (1990), 1

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 

Prof. Dr. Kuyo Kuev: Jubilee of Creative Work, p. 3–6. PDF
Bibliography of the Works of Prof. Dr. Kuyo Kuev, p. 7–15. PDF

  • Maria Petrov-Slodnjak (Salzburg, Austria). To the History of the Lord's Prayer in the Slavic Languapes, p. 16–38. PDF
  • Irina Gritsevskaya (Gorky, USSR). The Canon of Biblia Slavica in the Indexes on the Books Accepted as True by the Orthodox Church, p. 39–48. PDF
  • Andrey Todorov (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Psalms of the New Parts of the Bychkov Psalter, p. 49–71. PDF
  • Tatyana Slavova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Some Preliminary Observations on the Redacting of the Gospel Text in Holy Mount Athos, p. 72–81. PDF
  • Wolf-Henrich Shmidt (West Berlin). Literary Communication during the Middle Ages in Bulgaria, p. 82–90. PDF
  • Ralya Tseitlin (Moscow, USSR). Root-determined Lexical-Semantic Groups that Have Meanings Related to the Concepts “Right, Correct” and “Wrong, Incorrect” in the Ancient Slavonic Languages, p. 91–105. PDF
  • Ivan Jordanov (Shumen, Bulgaria). The Bull of the Dignitary Ioannes Aaron, p. 106–110. PDF
  • Stamen Mihaylov (Sofia, Bulgaria). On the Deciphering of a Lead Seal of Tsar Simeon, p. 111–112. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Sergey Raichinov (Sofia, Bulgaria). In memory of Prof. Bonyu Angelov, p. 113–114. PDF
  • Tatyana Mostrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Fifth Summer Colloquium on Old Bulgarian Studies, p. 115–120. PDF
  • Dimitar Kenanov (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria). The Fifth International Symposium on the Tarnovo Literary School, p. 121–123. PDF
  • Ivan Pavlov (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Monument of Old Slavonic Culture in the Czech Lands, p. 124–125. PDF
    К. R e i c h e r t o v á,  Е. B l á h o v á,  V. D v o ř á k o v á,  V. Н u ň á č е к . Sázava. Památnik staroslověnské kultury v Čechách. Praha, 1988. p. 455.
  • Nikolay Dilevskiy (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Commemorative Collection, p. 126–127. PDF
    Vizantia i Rus’. Sbornik pamyati Very Dmitrievny Lihachevoy. 1937–1981. M., Nauka, 1989. 335 s.