Issue XLVI (2022), 2

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 
  • Ivan P. Petrov (Giessen, Germany). The Greek Sources of Učitel’noe Evangelie Revisited: Sermon 20, p. 3–28. PDF
  • Georgi Mitov (Leuven, Belgium). Byzantine New Testament Catenae and Constantine of Preslav’s Uchitel’noe Evangelie (‘Didactic Gospel’): from Catena to Homily (Some Preliminary Remarks), p. 29–41. PDF
  • Martin Braxatoris (Bratislava, Slovakia). Information about the life of Constantine of Preslav in the context of His possible authorship of so called Methodius’ Canon to Demetrius of Thessalonici, p. 43–67. PDF
  • Alberto Pontiroli (Rome, Italy). About the Three Prologue Lives of St. Cyril: Narrative Motives and Manuscript Tradition, p. 69–96. PDF
  • Simeon Dekker (Bern, Switzerland). Features of the Cynic-Stoic Diatribe in Early Slavic Homilies: Clement of Ohrid and His Literary Heritage, p. 97–120. PDF
  • Denitsa Petrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Life of Stefan Lazarević and Serbian Genealogy in Manuscript № 88, Coll. 201, RGADA, p. 121–140. PDF
  • Svetlana Šašerina (Bratislava, Slovakia). The Image of India in the Cyrillic Texts of the 18th Century from the Carpathians, p. 141–152. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Maya Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). In Memoriam of Lilyana Grasheva (6 December 1936 – 4 November 2021), p. 153–165. PDF
  • Krassimir Stantchev (Rome, Italy). New Italian Work in the Field of Cyrillo-Methodian Studies, p. 167–172. PDF
    S i l v i a  T o s c a n o. Ján Hollý (1785–1849) cantore di Cirillo e Metodio. Seconda edizione riveduta e ampliata. Roma: Lithos Editrice, 2021. 184 pp. ISBN 979-12-80197-35-1.
  • Iva Trifonova (Sofia, Bulgaria). South Slavonic Scribes and Scriptoria in the Light of Contemporary Palaeographic Research, p. 173–183. PDF