Notes on the Slavonic Translation of the Panoplia Dogmatike in BAR Ms. Slav. 296 and Its Translator


The article examines some intertextual peculiarities and marginal notes in the unique Slavonic copy that contains the Second book of Euthymios Zigabenos’ 12th century Panoplia Dogmatike without the two last chapters about Bogomils and Saracens, or Ismaelites, namely BAR Ms. Slav. 296 from the repository in the Library of the Romanian Academy of Sciences in Bucharest, dated to the very beginning of the 15th century. The manuscript contains 11 chapters, numbered from 11 to 22, but they do not correspond entirely to the original numbering and content of the Greek Panoplia. The Slavonic chapters 12 and 21 represent contaminations of two chapters each one. The very beginning of the manuscript, copied by the hand of deacon Yacob, is identified as being part of the title of the last chapter (28) from the Greek Panoplia, which forms a unit with the announced but not copied Letter from Patriarch Photios to the Bulgarian Prince Boris-Michael (852–889), that is to say, it reproduces the end of the Second Book of Panoplia. The last part of the manuscript contains almost the full text of the chapter against the Massalians (only the last paragraph of a few lines is missing). Among the abundance of marginal notes special attention is paid to the fragments of the enkomion to emperor Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118), and to Zigabenos himself. The author maintains the previously formulated hypothesis that the Slavonic translation of the Second book of PD was made by the anonymous principal scribe of BAR 296 (ff. 16v–330v) and suggests that the Athonite monastic community was instrumental in preserving the text. In the appendix the full text of the last Slavonic chapter (22) against the Massalian heresy is published.

Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova (Sofia, Bulgaria)