The Hymnographic Canon to Euthymios the Great Composed by Clement of Ohrid and Its Base (Vorlage)


In the ancient Slavonic (Old Bulgarian) hymnography troparia and stikhera translated from Greek prevail. But original hymns, composed by Slavic writers straight in their native language, also exist. Meanwhile, there are also (1) troparia and stikhera, in which a part of the lines (verses) is written according to the Greek “Vorlage” (a text inspiring the Slavonic version) and the other part is independent of it. Furthermore, there are (2) Slavonic hymns, which depend upon the Greek base more loosely, the dependency to be detected only when analysing, whole stanzas. The two last cases are studied, i.e. mechanisms of the transfer activity, combining the content of the Greek base with original Slavonic creativity. The corresponding terminology is also proposed.

Eugene M. Verescagin (Moscow, Russia)