Notes on the Names for the Bogomils from Asia Minor in Byzantine and Slavic Sources


The paper discusses the terminology referring to a Medieval dualist heresy known from several Byzantine and one Slavic literary monuments – the Phoundagiagitae. The comparison of the source texts (Epistula invectivà contra phundagiagitas sive bogomilos haereticos by Euthymius of the Periblepton, Contra messalianos by Euthymius Zigabenos, a mystagogical treatise by bishop Theodore of Andida, the Synodicon of the Church of Athens, the Palaea historica) and an analysis of the forms used in Church Slavonic for the Greek phundadite (and related forms) present two ways of adapting the Greek term in the Slavic translation of the Palaea (phugdagiyagisti and phugdagiyagiti).

Małgorzata Skowronek (Łódź, Poland)