Issue X (1986), 4

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 

Todor Živkov. Message of Greetings, с. 3–3. PDF
Todor Živkov. Speech at the Reception for the Participants in the Second International Congress of Bulgarian Studies, с. 4–5. PDF
Second International Congress on Bulgarian Studies, p. 6–9. PDF

  • Vladimir I. Georgiev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Incorrect writing and pronouncing some Old Slavonic names, p. 10–16. PDF
  • Helmut Keipert (Bonn, Bundesrepublik Deutschland). Glьka ὄγκος – a Church Slavonic Hapax legomenon, p. 17–19. PDF
  • Anisava Miltenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). „Razumnik-ukaz“, p. 20–44. PDF
  • Kiril Pistruy (Sibiu, Romania). Triode Pentikostar, p. 45–54. PDF
  • Rostislav Stankov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Historical palaea – a monument of ancient Bulgarian culture, p. 55–63. PDF
  • Bela Levai (Debrecen, Hungary). Early Slavs in the north of the Zatiya Region of Hungary, p. 64–67. PDF
  • Bolesław Kumor (Lublin, Poland). The cult of Cyril and Methodius among the Polish emigration in the United States, p. 68–74. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Yezhi Rusek (Kraków, Poland). Celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the death of the Slavic teacher Methodius in Poland, p. 75–78. PDF
  • Larisa Samsonova (Yakutsk, SSSR). The work of the brothers of Thessaloniki and non-Slavic nations, p. 79–80. PDF
  • Ekaterina Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). International seminar "Contribution of Cyril and Methodius in the spiritual enlightenment on humankind", p. 81–81. PDF
  • Vassil P. Vassilev (Sofia, Bulgaria). 100th Anniversary of the Birth of the palaeoslavist-linguist A. M. Selishchev (1886–1942), p. 82–83. PDF
  • Slavia Barlieva, Boyka Mircheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Problems of the Symposium on Cyrillo-Methodium Studies within the Second International Congress on Bulgarian Studies, p. 84–88. PDF
  • Ivona Karachorova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Problems of the History of the Bulgarian Language at the Second International Congress on Bulgarian Studies, p. 89–91. PDF
  • Elena Tomova, Darina Karadzhova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Problems of the Old Bulgarian Literature at the Second International Congress on Bulgarian Studies, p. 92–94. PDF
  • Margarita Vaklinova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Second International Congress on Bulgarian Studies and the Problems of Bulgarian History in the Middle Ages, p. 95–98. PDF
  • Contents for the Volumes I–X (1977–1986) of the Journal Palaeobulgarica/Starobalgaristica, p. 99–113. PDF
  • Author Index, p. 114–117. PDF
  • Annual Contents of the Journal Palaeobulgarica, 1986, p. 118–119. PDF