Issue XII (1988), 2

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 
  • Nestor, Bishop of the Smolen Territory (The Rila Monastery, Bulgaria). The Baptism of Russia on the Basis or Data from Ioakim's Chronicle, p. 3–7. PDF
  • Ekaterina Dogramadzhieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Hypothesis on the Ethnic Affiliation of the Old Bulgarian (Proto-Slavonic, Old Church Slavonic) Language, p. 8–14. PDF
  • Natalya Kossek (Moscow, the USSR). Rare Lexical Phraseological Forms in the Language of the Middle Bulgarian Gospels, p. 15–24. PDF
  • Svetlina Nikolova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Cyril of Turov and South-Slavonic Literature, p. 25–44. PDF
  • Petar Angelov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Arguments Based on History in Medieval Bulgarian Diplomacy, p. 45–53. PDF
  • Aksinia Dzhurova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Bulgarian MSS with Miniatures and the Byzantine Tradition of Illuminating MSS, p. 54–65. PDF
  • Vassiliy Putsko (Kaluga, the USSR). The Ostromir Gospel and the Decoration in Glagolitic Books in 10th–1lth cc., p. 66–74. PDF
  • Dirk Pergot (Ghent, Belgium). Accompanying Texts in MSS of the Acts of the Apostles, p. 75–82. PDF
  • Totyu Totev (Shumen, Bulgaria). Epigraphic Testimonies about the Old Bulgarian Alphabet, p. 83–92. PDF
  • Stoyan Maslev (Sofia, Bulgaria). An Unknown Monument of Business Documents in popular Bulgarian from the End of 17th c., p. 93–112. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Nikolay Dilevskiy (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Valuable Archeographic Reference Tool, p. 113–119. PDF
    Svodnyĭ katalog slavyano-russkih rukopisnyh knig, hranyashtihsya v SSSR. XI – XIII vv. Akademia nauk SSSR. Otdelenie istorii. Arheograficheskaya komissia. Izdatel’stvo „Nauka“. M., 1984. 405 s.
  • Dimitar Angelov (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Work on the Life and Activities of Marin Drinov, p. 120–123. PDF
    L y u d m i l a  G o r i n a. Marin Drinov – istorik i obshtestvennyĭ deyatel’. M., 1986. 208 s.
  • Vladko Murdarov (Sofia, Bulgaria). So as To Call Forth Interest and Make It More Profound, p. 124–125. PDF
    Origo characteris sclavonici. Zur altbulgarischen Literatur in Marburg. Schriften Universitätsbibliothek Marburg. 32. Marburg, 1987, S. 193.
  • Elena Koycheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Forth Congress of the Bulgarian Historical Society, p. 126–127. PDF