Issue XVI (1992), 4

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 
  • Stamen Mihajlov (Sofia, Bulgaria). For the Hronology of Nominalia of the Bulgarian Rulers, p. 3–12. PDF
  • Tanya Popova (Sofia, Bulgaria). For the Menology of London Gospel, p. 13–16. PDF
  • Elka Mircheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Once again on the Question of the Old Bulgarian Translation of the Sermon of Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, p. 17–26. PDF
  • Yezhi Rusek (Krakow, Poland). About the Observations on the Vocabulary of "Shestodnev" (Hexameron) from John the Exarch, p. 27–33. PDF
  • Mariya Yovcheva, Lora Taseva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Rare Words from Berliner Miscellany, p. 34–49. PDF
  • Tanya Laleva (Sofia, Bulgaria). For the Ending of Third Person -тъ in the History of Bulgarian Language, p. 50–53. PDF
  • Nina Voutova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Filigranological Study of the Paper of the Earliest Greek Manuscripts Preserved at the Bulgarian National Library (14th c.), с. 54–72. PDF
  • Stoyan Maslev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Letter and Language of Brashov’s Charter of King John Sratsimir, p. 73–87. PDF
  • Emil Aleksandrov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Juristic Character of Brashov’s Charter from 14th c., p. 88–97. PDF
  • Mladen Chomonev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Again for Prototype of Paisii's History, p. 98–104. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Ana Stoykova (Sofia, Bulgaria). New Edition of the Vita of Methodius, p. 105–108. PDF
    O t t o K r o n s t e i n e r. Zhitie blazhenaago Methodia arhiepiskupa moravskaago. Das Leben des hi. Method des Erzbischofs von Sirmium. Salzburg, 1989 (Die slawischen Sprachen, 18). 202 S.
  • Petya Yaneva (Sofia, Bulgaria). New Book about Orthodox Christianity, p. 109–112. PDF
    Ι ω ά ν ν η ς  Τ α ρ ν α ν ί δ η ς. Πτύχες της σλαβιϰής ορϑοδοξίας. Εϰ. Οίϰος Αδελφών Κυριαϰίδη. θεσσαλονίκη, 1991. 360 σ.
  • Bojka Mircheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Contribution to the Study of Cyrillo-Methodian Problems, p. 113–117. PDF
    Kirilo-Metodievski studii. Kn. 8. S., Izdatelstvo na BAN, 1991. 321 s.
  • Slaviya Barlieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Seminar on History of Orthodox Liturgy, p. 118–119. PDF