Issue XLV (2021), 2

Articles (Access to the articles in pdf format is at this stage limited only to authorized users – Web of Science and Scopus): 

The articles in present issue of the journal Palaeobulgarica are dedicated to the memory of Ralya Mihaylovna Tseytlin (1920–2001) as a sign of respect to her significant contribution to the field of Palaeoslavistics.

Veselka Zhelyazkova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Ralya Mihaylovna Tseytlin (1920–2001), p. 3–5. PDF

  • Johannes Reinhart (Vienna, Austria). Theophile of Alexandria’s Sermo de morte et de iudicio (CPG 2618) in Old Bulgarian Translation, p. 7–32. PDF
  • Sergejus Temčinas (Vilnius, Lithuania).. The East Slavic Service for St. John of Rila (19 October) as an Adaptation of Byzantine Hymns for St. Macarius of Egypt (19 January) and Other Saints, p. 33–48. PDF
  • Valeriya S. Efimova (Moscow, Russia). Some Thoughts on Old Church Slavonic Nominations through Substantivized Participles, p. 49–64. PDF
  • Rostislav Stankov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Once Again to the Problem of so-called “Preslav Vocabulary”, p. 65–84. PDF
  • Elka Mircheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Rare Meaning of in the Context of Old Slavic Literature, p. 85–102. PDF
  • Mariya A. Puzina (Moscow, Russia). Language Features of the Parisian Sticherarion, p. 103–156. PDF
  • Elena V. Belyakova (Moscow, Russia). On the Changing Vocabulary of Slavonic Canon Law Texts in the Process of Migration, p. 157–178. PDF
  • Irina I. Makeeva (Moscow, Russia). Some Lexical Features of Cathedral Rules and Interpretations of the Early Russian Redaction of the Kormchaya, p. 179–194. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Tatyana Mostrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Eckhard Weiher (29 December 1939 – 12 January 2021). In memoriam, p. 195–201. PDF
  • Yavor Miltenov (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Collection Dedicated to the Reception of Byzantine Patristic Literature on the Balkans and in Romania, p. 203–208. PDF
    Translations of Patristic Literature in South-Eastern Europe. Proceedings of the Session Held at the 12th International Congress of South-Eastern Studies (Bucharest, 2-6 September 2019). Ed. L. Taseva, R. Marti (= Bibliothèque de l’Institut d’Études Sud-Est Européens, 14). Brăila: Editura Istros a Muzeului Brăilei “Carol I”, 2020, 342 pp. ISBN 978-606-654-419-1.