Issue XXXI (2007), 4

  • Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova (Sofia, Bulgaria). “Commandments of the Holy Fathers” in the South-Slavonic Cyrillic Tradition, p. 3–26. PDF
  • Stilyana Batalova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Tradition of the Hagiographical Cycle about St Eustathius Placidas in Slavonic – Some Parallels and Common Research Problems, p. 27–46. PDF
  • Christo Andreev (Sofia, Bulgaria). Newly Discovered Inscriptions from 1475/1476 in the Sanctuary of the Church at Dragalevci Monastery, p. 47–86. PDF
  • Nikolay Prodanov (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria). Notes on Genre Definiteness, the Attribution, the Dating and the Place of „История вкратце о болгарословенском народе“ (Zograf Chronicle) in the Development of Bulgarian Medieval Historiography, p. 87–98. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Neli Gancheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Study of the Multiple Translations in South-Slavonic Mediaeval Literature within the Context of the Textual Tradition, p. 99–112. PDF
  • Iva Trifonova, Margaret Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). About Job and Sophia or about the New Book by Iskra Hristova, p. 113–118. PDF
  • Desislava Naydenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A New Translation of the History by George Akropolites, p. 119–126. PDF