Issue XXXII (2008), 3

  • Svetlina Nikolova (Sofia, Bulgaria). On an Unknown 14th Century Copy of a Sermon Attributed to St. Kliment and on Some Problems of the Study of the Old Bulgarian Exhortative Sermons from the 9th–10th Centuries, p. 3–22. PDF
  • Marco Scarpa (Venice, Italy). The Homily for the Dormition of the Virgin by Gregory Palamas: at the Origin of the Slavonic Manuscript Tradition (Ms. Sankt Petersburg, RNB, Kir.-Bel. 32/1109), p. 23–35. PDF
  • Tatyana Slavova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Ruler’s Fosterlings in Proto-Bulgarian inscriptions, p. 36–51. PDF
  • Marina Chistiakova (Vilnius, Lithuania). Towards the Determination of the Relative Chronology of the 1st and 2nd Redaction of the Plain Synaxarion, p. 52–70. PDF
  • Angel Nikolov (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Concept of the Pre-Christian Writing System and Literature of the Bulgarians in the Historical and Philological Concepts of G. S. Rakovski and Some of His Followers, p. 71–94. PDF
  • Ivan Biliarsky (Sofia, Bulgaria). On the Study of the Contacts of Bulgarians with St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai (Ms. Sin. Slav. 15), p. 95–106. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Marya Yovcheva (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Decipherer of Age-Old Coded Messages (Georgi Popov on His 65th Birthaday), p. 107–115. PDF
  • Veselka Zhelyazkova (Sofia, Bulgaria). An Edition of a Remarkable Monument of Early Slavonic Himnography, p. 116–121. PDF
  • Pavel Stefanov (Shumen, Bulgaria). A New Monograph about Liturgical Monuments from Arbanasi, p. 122–124. PDF