Issue XXXV (2011), 3

  • Klimentina Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Newly-Discovered Fragments of Festal Menaion № 23 in the Archives Repository of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, p. 3–30. PDF
  • Asya Bereznyak (Jerusalem, Israel). Blessed Ignorance? A Comparative Perspective on Eastern and Western Missionary Approaches to the Transmission of Knowledge, p. 31–44. PDF
  • Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Saints and Memories in the Miscellany  “Razlichni Potrebi” – Venice, 1571–1572, p. 45–73. PDF
  • Malgorzata Skowronek (Lodz, Poland). On a Copy of Pseudo-Methodius of Patara’s Apocalypsis from the National Archive in Bucharest, p. 74–115. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Tatyana Ilieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). Double Jubilee for Prague Slavonic Studies (Emilie Bláhová and Vaclav Konzal at 80), p. 116–124. PDF
  • Iskra Hristova-Shomova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A Worthy Continuator of the Traditions of Vienna Slavonic Studies: Johannes Reinhart at 60, p. 125–131. PDF
  • Maria Schnitter (Plovdiv, Bulgaria). International Conference “Sinai and Jerusalem as a Crossroad between East and West”, p. 132–136. PDF