Issue XL (2016), 3

  • In memoriam Angelina Minčeva, p. 4–6. PDF
  • Klimentina Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria). An Unattributed Fragment from the Homily on All Saints by Patriarch Philotheos – an Autograph by Gavriil Urik, p. 7–28. PDF
  • Aneta Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Greek Versions of Chrysostom's Commentaries on Acts and the Epistle to Titus in the Chrysorrhoas Collection, p. 29–42. PDF
  • Natalia Savelieva (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia). On the Question of the Sources of the Izbornik 1076 (Part 2: The Chapter on Drunkenness proroka joila o piyanstve, p. 43–77. PDF
  • Iskra Hristova-Shomova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Office of the Holy Forty Martyrs by St. John of Damascus and Its Intertext, p. 78–86. PDF
  • Tatyana Mostrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Various Translations of the Word knapheon 'a Fuller's Shop' in the Ladder of Divine Ascent by John Climacus, p. 87–102. PDF
  • Presiyan Borisov (Sofia, Bulgaria). Suffixed Nouns with Abstract Meaning in the First Two Books of the Old Bulgarian Translation of the Roman Paterikon, p. 103–119. PDF
  • Petko Petkov, Krassimir Popovski (Sofia, Bulgaria).The Third Sermon for St. George by Gregory Camblak, p. 120–132. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Pirinka Penkova (Kalundborg, Denmark). Toponymy in Slavonic manuscripts – the Sources of Cyril and Methodius and Their Disciples, p. 133–138. PDF
    Review for:
    Boyka Mircheva. Opis na prepisite na slavyanskite izvori za Kiril i Metodiy i tehnite uchenitsi (= Kirilo-Metodievski studii. Kn. 23. Seriya Kirilo-Metodievski izvori. T. 2). Sofia, 2014. 416 s.
  • Inna V. Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria). A textbook on Glagolitic Literature in the Western Balkans, p. 139–143. PDF
    Review for:
    Т. I. Afanasʼeva, V. V. Kozak, A. N. Sobolev. Glagolicheskaya pisʼmennostʼ Zapadnih Balkan 10-16 v. Uchebno-metodicheskoe posobie. Sankt-Peterburg, 2016. 72 s.
  • Zofia Brzozowska (Lodz, Poland). The Bible in the Byzantine-Slavic World: Recent Research, Results and Perspectives, p. 144–148. PDF