Issue XLII (2018), 1


Alexander Kulik (Jerusalem, Israel). Moshe Taube’s Path in Life and Scholarship: For His Seventieth Birthday, p. 3–17. PDF

In the section “Articles” of the current issue of Palaeobulgarica are published reports from the International Scientific Conference “The Biblical Manuscript Tradition between Lexicography, Textual Criticism and Literary History” held on 7–8 September 2017 in Sofia. The organizers of the conference are Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Biblical Commission of the International Committee of Slavists.

  • Petra Stankovska (Ljubljana, Slovenia). The Translation of the Book of Job and Its Textological Peculiarities as Preserved in the Croatian-Glagolitic Breviaries of the 14th–15th Centuries, p. 19–37. PDF
  • Marcello Garzaniti (Florence, Italy). The Bulgarian Gospel of Russian National Library  MS F.п.I.122 (Second Quarter of the 14th Century) and Its Identification with the Evangelium Bucovinense, p. 38–51. PDF
  • Ralph Cleminson (Oxford, Great Britain). Euthaliana in MS Bodl. 942, p. 52–59. PDF
  • Iva Trifonova (Sofia, Bulgaria). On the Question of the Vocabulary in the Book of Revelation  of St. John the Theologian in View of Christian Biblical Translations, p. 60–97. PDF
  • Tatyana Ilieva (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Vocabulary of the Books of the Prophet Jeremiah According to the MS F.I.461 of the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, p. 98–116. PDF
  • Agata Kawecka, Rafał Zarębski (Łódź, Poland). Linguistic Equivalents of the Hebrew Term  in Slavic Translations of the Bible, p. 117–135. PDF
  • Mateusz Krawczyk (Warsaw, Poland). Did St. Paul Use the Book of Wisdom in His Writing  of the Letter to the Romans? Arguments from Rom 2 in Support of the Hypothesis  of Hypertextual Reworking, p. 136–151. PDF
Survey and book reviews: 
  • Desislava Naydenova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Patrons of the Nation. On the Memory and Identity  of the Balkans, p. 152–161. PDF
    Stefan Rohdewald. Götter der Nationen: religiöse Erinnerungsfiguren in Serbien, Bulgarien und Makedonien bis 1944 (= Visuelle Geschichtskultur. Bd. 14). Köln, Böhlau Verlag, 2014. 905 S. 18 s/w- und 10 farb. Abb.
  • Aleksander Naumow (Venice, Italy). A Valuable Lexicographical Manual, p. 162–164. PDF
    Bolshoy slovar tserkovnoslavyanskogo yazyka Novogo vremeni. T. 1. A–B. Pod red. A. G. Kravetskogo i A. A. Pletnevoy. Slovari XXI veka. Moskva, Institut russkogo yazyka im. V. V. Vinogradova RAN, 2016. 448 s.
  • Cesare Alzati (Milan, Italy). Celebrating 1150 Years of the Venetian Dispute of St. Constantine-Cyril, p. 165–168. PDF