Към кой ръкопис принадлежат шестте пергаментни листа от сбирката на Виктор Григорович № 22?


The six parchment folia are preserved in the Collection of Victor Grigorovich, which is owned by the Russian State Library in Moscow. They date back to the first half of the 14th century and are written in Resava orthography. The folia were cut out from a Panegyricon manuscript consisting of texts for the movable cycle of feasts, copied from an old original going back to the period of the First Bulgarian kingdom (a so-called Staroizvoden Trioden Panegyric). The folia are identified as belonging to a manuscript from the National History Museum in Sofia (MS No. 24). This manuscript was intended for a monastic audience. It consists of three parts, all of them copied from old originals. The fragment in question belongs to the second part of the manuscript, which is the Panegyricon collection proper. This part comprises texts for the feasts of the period from the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee to the Pentecost, the time after Easter being represented by fewer texts. The Grigorovich Folia are an important part of MS No. 24 from the National History Museum in Sofia. One of the texts in the fragment – the Apocryphal Acts of Apostle Thomas – is the only known copy of the Old Bulgarian translation of this apocryph.

Климентина Иванова (София, България)