Евхаристийният код на църквата „Св. Богородица Перивлепта“ в Охрид (1294/1295 г.)


The article introduces the term Eucharistic code to denote the corpus of textual fragments extracted from liturgical formularies (CHR, BAS, PRES), arranged in a particular order in the system of inscriptions found in the sanctuary. This code is unique for each church and reflects the specific conception of epigraphic representation of a general Eucharistic sequence in the concrete altar iconic environment. The Eucharistic code of the Virgin Peribleptos Church in Ohrid (1294/1295) contains three textual modules, situated in the prothesis, sanctuary and diakonikon, respectively. Elements that are typical for archaic liturgical practices have been detected (Great synapte by the Trisagion prayer, etc.). The using of Psalm 79:15–16 (incipit Êýñéå Êýñéå Tðßâëåøïí...) in the church dome indicates a probable use of archieratikon in the formation of the Eucharistic code.

Христо Андреев (София, България)