Някои бележки за един гръцки ръкопис от XIV век, c. 79–92


A Greek manuscript from the 1340s and the middle of the 14th century has been preserved in the rich archives of the National Library in Sofia (NLCM, Gr. 25). The manuscript contains valuable marginalia of a cultural and historical character. According to some of them the manuscript is connected to the history of the Great Lavra and the Koutloumousiou Monastery on Mount Athos during an extremely important period of the literary and artistic processes in the general Balkan and South Slavonic manuscript literature. Codicological criteria, such as the outer appearance of the book block and the wooden covers, the ornaments and characteristics of the leather wrapping them, the leather imprints on the y-leaf, etc., as well as the data in one of the marginalia, point to an early book binding from the first half of the 16th century preserved to this day. The book binding shows highly artistic craftsmanship and was most likely made by the bookbinding workshop of Serres, whose bishop Gennadius bought the manuscript from Koutloumousiou in order to give it to Kosinitsa Monastery. Such facts are valuable evidence regarding both the particular types of binding and techniques of decorating the leather cover of Greek manuscript books during the mentioned period and the models that the Bulgarian bookbinders would eventually borrow.

Даринка Караджова (Благоевград, България)