Zur Wiedergabe von Mark. 13:19 im altkirchenslavischen Evangelientext


The contribution illustrates, in the present case by examining the origin of the translation into Old Slavonic of Mc. 13:19, the possibilty of solving long standing questions on the basis of the meanwhile enlarged material of available manuscripts and a more detailed knowledge of their character and their mutual relations. The passage of the Bible in question is part of the complementary text of the Tetra version. According to expectations, the examination of the manuscript tradition confirms the originality of the version of the Old Church Slavonic Codex Marianus, whose endeavours to remove a syntactical peculiarity of the Greek text (plural of subject and predicate with singular of the predicative noun) have formerly given grounds for an incorrect in­te­r­pretation of the textual tradition and an attempt of emendation based on unjustified confidence in the authority of bosnian textual witnesses.

Christoph Koch (Berlin, Germany)


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