Южнославянските преводи на словата за Богородица от Йоан Дамаскин по преписи от ръкописните сбирки в Румъния (Текстологически наблюдения)


The present article presents textological observations on the Slavonic translations of the First Oration on the Dormition of the Theotokos (DTI) and the Oration on the Nativity of the Theotokos in translation A (NTA) by John Damascene, reserved in previously unstudied copies from Romanian manuscript collections. The focus is on textological problems of the two Slavonic translations and on the relation of the unstudied copies to their textual history. Manuscripts RAN152, RAN305, Drag. 791, containing DT I, and RAN151, RAN301, RAN678, comprising NT A are analyzed. The manuscripts from Romanian libraries give new evidence which expands the textological observations and conclusions made so far and reveal some new moments of the textual history of the two translated works. The translations of the Orations on the Theotokos by John Damascene and some of their textual variations, connected with the activity of the Tărnovo Literary School – NT A and the revised text of DT I – are preserved in Wallachia and Moldova. The observations on the copies of DT I and NT A from the Romanian libraries (manuscripts preserved in Romanian lands as well as manuscripts created in Moldova) and their relation to the textual history of the two translated texts can be described with the words of A. Turilov: “Tărnovo after Tărnovo”.

Цветомира Данова (София, България)